About Vedacure Labs

Vedacure Labs is a leading direct selling company. We are a firm believer of wellness and our path-breaking healthcare and wellness products are a testament to that.

We hold ourselves to the highest standard and strive to be the best at what we do. We have our own plantation, manufacturing, packaging and distribution network – thus guaranteeing our strict quality control measures.

With the help of our in-house state-of-the-art R&D department, we are continuously bringing you innovative products – which are GMP certified, HACCP certified and also has IS0 9001-2008 certification


“Wellness is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." - WHO

Maintaining an optimum level of wellness is absolutely crucial to live a higher quality life. Wellness matters because everything we do and every emotion we feel relates to our well-being. In turn, our well-being directly affects our actions & emotions. It’s an ongoing circle. Therefore, it’s important for everyone to achieve optimal wellness in order to subdue stress, reduce the risk of illness and ensure positive interactions.



We shall be amongst premier multi-level marketing companies by:

  • Leveraging science to deliver new and innovative offerings.
  • Enhancing value to our customers.
  • Delivering superior returns to our channel partners.
  • Leading in corporate sustainability.
  • Nurturing innovation, learning through diversity and team work amongst employees and other channel partners.
  • Mission

    To serve society through science and to promote wellness all across the globe by the year 2020.


  • Integrity
  • Safety
  • Excellence
  • Care
  • Innovation
  • Corporate Social Responsibiltiy (CSR)

    As a company we pride ourselves in being a socially responsible company. We endeavour to make a positive impact in our communities and to society as a whole. At VEDACURE, We focus on four areas of social responsibility:

  • Corporate Ethics
  • Employee Health and Wellness
  • Providing value to our communities
  • Environment Integrity
  • Corporate Ethics

    At Vedacure ensure each year, every employee reviews and commits to a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, a document that describes our obligation to conduct ourselves in accordance with legal and ethical guidelines. But we, at vedacure, expect our employees to go beyond that minimum standard of behaviour.

    Employee Health and Wellness :- Vedacure CSR reminds us to support and take care of each other. Vedacure views its employees as the company's greatest assets.Vedacure offers tools and incentives that encourage employees to adopt or maintain healthy lifestyles. Vedacure also offers a variety of benefits aimed at protecting its employees' physical and emotional health.

    Providing Value to our Communities :- In addition to our employees, clients, business partners and stockholders, Vedacure views the people residing within all of the communities in which we live and work as stakeholders in our company. As such, we believe that it is critical for Vedacure to support to enrich the lives and contribute to the welfare of others.

    Environment Integrity :- Vedacure is committed to protecting and even improving the environment for the benefit of current and future generations.